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Our Guide to Cloud Storage Services:

There’s a wide range of services, companies and terminology when it comes to cloud storage solutions. We’re here to help you understand what’s available to you and your business, understanding who the different cloud storage and online backup companies are, and the type of plan that you need. If you already know what type of service you need the best place to start is to compare cloud storage providers, which will take you straight to the providers that have been reviewed.  However, if you need some clarification on the various industry backup terms, please continue reading for more advanced information.

Cloud Storage: This term is interchangeable with ‘online backup’ and is a method of offsite storage in which a computers files, folders, and hard drive contents are backed up on a remote server over the Internet.   Think of this backup as saving your computer files to a hard disk that is at a separate location from your computer.   The cloud storage processes is simple, as frequently backing up your data to a remote service will greatly reduce the risk of data loss from catastrophic events.

Cloud storage is known by many names to include:  online backup, remote backup, cloud backup, Web backup, Web-based backup, net-based offsite backup and other similar phrases.

Storage Limits: The various cloud storage services provide a wide array of storage plans, and they offer many plans to suit the needs of various personal and business plans.  These packages generally have a set storage limits such as 50GB, 100GB, or more.  There are several providers that offer unlimited storage options, and these plans are great for individuals or businesses that frequently stores large amounts of data.  However, as a new consumer you may be unsure of how much space you need, please see our cloud storage space guide to assist you in determining your online backup storage needs.

Initial Backup: Once you have signed up for your online backup service, you will need to do an initial backup of your computer(s) or server data.  This initial backup time is dependent on the speed and bandwidth of your Internet service provider, and the amount of data that you need to backup.  This initial cloud storage backup can range from several hours to several weeks to complete.

Automatic Backup: The majority of online backup services featured on this site offer an automated backup process.  This is facilitated through proprietary software that is installed on your computer once the backup service is purchased.  This software will allow you to change settings, and will automatically backup your computer at a specified interval.  Furthermore, this software will allow you to backup your files with minimal interruption to the performance of your system.

Price:  Price is one of the most prolific factors in a decision making process, and cloud storage service selection is no different.  This site has been designed to present consumers with various pricing plans that are sure to meet any price point.  Most companies offer various plans that have been designed for many specific situations.  Please review our pricing selection tool for a price breakdown of various backup solutions.

File Sharing:  The ability to access your data across multiple platforms may be necessary, and this can be accomplished with many cloud storage services.  There are plan features that will enable you to share your data so that it can be accessed on portable devices.  This feature is handy for digital media that you may choose to backup from your computer.

Security:  The bread and butter of a successful cloud storage is the peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure.  Online backup companies make your security a top priority, and this should be at the forefront of your mind.  While different security measures are available it is important that you are confident that your data is secure.  Security measures are designed to protect your files during transfer and while they are stored on the remote server.  These security measures will not only protect your files from accidents and technical problems, but will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data.  To review more security features, please visit our online backup security center.

Need assistance with deciding between home and business plans?

While most people come to Cloud Storage Reviews for help with choosing an cloud storage service we have attempted to provide a comprehensive guide to aide you in selecting an online backup service provider.  We have found that consumers are often uncertain of the type of plan that suites their personal or professional needs.  Most online backup companies offer both individual (home) and business plan options.