How to Backup your Computer

There are many tasks that are regularly ignored on most home computers, but backing up data that includes important documents, videos, music, and photos if often overlooked.  Most people do not realize that all of their important files could be gone in the blink of an eye.  Computers get viruses, are stolen, and natural disasters do happen.  It is important to take proactive steps to protecting your data and backing up your computer.

One of the most common reasons that users do not backup their computer is that they do not know how to complete this simple task.  A computer backup does not require special skills, and users have many options to protect their data via a computer backup.  In most cases a standard users will have several solutions that can automate the process, and will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your digital files are protected.

We are going to discuss a few methods available for you to backup your computer:

Cloud Storage and Online Backup

Cloud storage and online backup companies have created easy methods that enable novice computer users to backup their data.  These cloud storage and online backup services are typically paired with a small piece of software that is installed on your machine.  You will need to configure the software to set the backup intervals and other configuration options.  The software will then enable you to backup your computer to secure remote storage locations located throughout the world.  Your data will be encrypted while in transit and ultimately while stored at the remote location.   This is the easiest method that will provide the greatest protection for your sensitive data.

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External Drive

An external hard drive is a common method for backing up a computer, but it also requires a significant amount of action on the part of the user.  An external drive is similar to the hard drive on your computer, and it is used to store your files and folders.  The drive must be connected to your computer or home network in order to support your computer backup.  However, just like your computer- the external drive is at risk of theft or natural disaster at a moment’s notice.

Windows Backup                 

Windows includes a backup feature that you can enable and set periodic backups of your computer.  Windows will create the backup and save it to your computer or connected storage device.  This requires that you immediately transfer the backup off of your computer to make certain it is available in the event of a catastrophic loss.