Cloud Storage Security Center

Is Cloud Storage Security Safe?

More and more cloud storage service providers are offering a seemingly error-free way of backing up your data. Many people are skeptical of how safe these cloud storage services really are.  After all, isn’t having all of your private data sitting on the web dangerous?  Long story short, cloud storage may actually be one of the safest choices. Many precautions are taken by reputable services to ensure data security and customer satisfaction. For example, the best cloud storage services use very similar technology that banks use during transactions.

Online Backup Security

There are two main aspects that ensure the safety of online backup: file encryption and data center security. Every service uses different methods but the most reliable ones will use accepted security measures regardless of which method they choose. It is wise to look carefully into the cloud storage service you are planning on using, including taking a peek at customer reviews to see their experiences.

Encryption and Backup Transfers

The basic standard for secure web communications or transfers is called SSL or Secure Socket Layer encryption. It is very reliable and widely used. Cloud storage systems use SSL encryption as well, though it takes place at a software level. This means that you will need to download the client software which your online backup service should provide. Once this is installed on your computer you will be able to safely transfer your data.

In order to safely transfer your files your computer and the online backup server make a secure connection which will allow you to safely move over your data without worrying about being hacked or otherwise interrupted. This same safety measure is done when you move your data back to your PC.

After your data has been safely transferred onto the “cloud”, your cloud storage service adds on another layer of protection. This is done to prevent anyone from accessing your data after the original transfer. Online backup services will use one of two options: AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Both of these are reliable and very safe options.

Safe Storage Centers

Another security feature majority of the online backup services use are called geo-redundant data centers. These centers not only backup your own data but also backup the servers to different locations. This means that even if something terrible happens and the data center your information was on failed, you still have a backup on a different server. This backup server is in a completely different location so it is safe from whatever may have happened to the first server.

All in all, cloud storage services are very secure and safe systems if you choose a reliable service provider. They are a far safer option than the old external hard drive stand-by which can become damaged or broken, losing all of your precious data. Why risk it when so many security advancements have been made to online backup services? Cloud computing is becoming a huge part of many computer-users everyday lives. It offers reassurance and safety that all of your information will be available whenever you need it.