Protecting Your Files with Online Backup

The best way to protect important files is to use an online backup service. Whether you are concerned about losing priceless family photos or have sensitive business material on your computer, harnessing the security of an online backup will put your mind at ease. Regardless of what happens to your physical computer or backup external hard drive, an online backup will protect these valuable documents. Your experience using an online backup will all depend on what service you go with and how you manage your own data.

Protecting Your PC or Mac

When using an online backup it is important to ensure your computer is secure and protected. If your computer is open to viruses and malware, what use is it to upload data when it could already be “infected”? Thankfully it is very simple to reinforce your computer’s security and ensure you can safely backup your important files.

The first step in protecting your computer is to purchase a quality virus scanner and firewall. Keep in mind that the free ones can easily skip over subtle, and often the most dangerous, viruses. Home computer virus scanners generally cost around $50 or less. That is quite a small price to pay to ensure your priceless files are safe.

Encrypt Your Files at Home

Another safety measure you can take when using an online backup it to encrypt your files before you upload them. Remember that online computer backup services are not the same as using an online backup. While backup services encrypt your files for you, you may have to do this step yourself when using an online backup. While encrypting your files isn’t mandatory it is definitely worth the time it takes to do. There are free encrypting programs available that are very simple to use.

Some online backups will go ahead and encrypt your files again once they have been uploaded. This will just be another layer of security to protect your files. The chance of your data being hacked or comprised after being encrypted (especially by two different programs) is extremely slim.

Choosing an Online backup Provider

After you’ve ensured your computer is secure and your files have been encrypted you can start researching online backup providers. Stay away from any services that seem shady or lack customer testimonials. Your chosen online backup provider should have very strict security policies, including file encryption during transfer and storage. Their security information should be located right on their website. If you unsure of their methods but are still interested in the service, it will be worth it to contact them and ask.

Aside from security, budget may be another issue. Online backup services seem to be everywhere nowadays so finding one to suit your budget shouldn’t be difficult. There are even free online backups, which can work well for people who have a very small amount of data they want stored. Paid services can range anywhere from just a few dollars a month to $50+. There are even online backup providers who go as low as $3.95 a month for unlimited access! Doing comparison shopping will be well worth it in the long run.